Jenny Dragon is lyrically driven and vintage inspired. Influences range from jazz, to country, to pop, to the sounds of early America. We find our inspiration from our collective history and from our Chicago environment. Our songs include the sounds of guitar, piano, violin, mandolin, ukelele, bass, drums, and when Mama feels frisky, a squeeze box. But the strength and unique quality of our sound lies in the uncanny blend and harmony of two, female voices: Sarah Jane Goldstein and Jodi Jean Amble.

Jenny Dragon is the result of two old friends coming together to create great, new music. While our members have been hard at work with projects including The Jodi Jean Band, The Del Moroccos, Derek Nelson & The Musicians, Brian Sharpe & The Associates, Jodi Jean & The Revenuers, Bossa Saravah, Square the Circle, and other acts/projects as they inevitably come, Jenny Dragon is a distinct combination of our musical passions, influences, and experiences. We hope to share this music with you!